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The Full Story


Welcome to Empowered, the alternative and edgy boudoir photography studio that's all about connection and confidence. Our mission is to help our clients rediscover themselves and find the self-assurance they deserve. We believe that boudoir photography is for everybody, regardless of gender or body type, and we're dedicated to spreading this message.

Our small but expert team will make sure you feel comfortable and supported throughout your boudoir photography experience. You don't need to lose any weight or conform to any specific image, we want you to be yourself and feel empowered.

At Empowered, you'll get a personalized boudoir photography session that's all about you. We want you to leave feeling confident, beautiful, and ready to take on the world.

Ready to create your own boudoir experience? Contact us to schedule your personalised session today. At Empowered, your photography studio, your experience, and your own boudoir are waiting for you.


Our Mission

 We are on a crusade to promote freedom of expression regardless of age, gender, race, neuro-diversity or sexuality. The world is moving on and we want to redefine sexy! To play with what it means to be female, male, gender-queer and everything in between. We at Empowered Boudoir Photography  want to liberate and motivate people to be sexy on their own terms. Come and join the revolution

Who are we?

We are Laura and Jade - a hair, makeup and photography duo who have a combined studio experience of over eighteen years. This includes a degree in Graphic Design and Photography and  a degree in Live and recorded media plus qualifications in makeup, hair and barbering. 

Laura has photographed over 7000 people and each one has had their own unique story, body hang-ups and confidence issues. Laura is an expert at bringing people out of their shell and being a cheerleader for whoever you are. Her biggest joy in photography is watching people have a shift in perspective with how they feel about themselves - after all, we don't grow by living in our comfort zone. 

Jade is a makeup artist who is all about using hair and makeup as a tool. The way that we can use it as a war paint and a ritual when facing your day or as a way to express yourself creatively. This has developed into a passion for empowering other people too, whether to help people feel like the best version of themselves or just to slightly enhance what is already there. We are not looking to change you, rather to make you see yourself for how amazing you are. 

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How we got here

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Ready to feel empowered?

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