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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you curious about a boudoir shoot but unsure about the process? Are you booked in but feeling a little nervous? Our Boudoir Photography FAQ's can help to put your mind at ease. Don't see your question here? Send us a message so we can chat!



What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography is a photographic style that is usually sensual, intimate and romantic. Boudoir literally means bedroom and it is a style that our clients love, where you can see yourself in your truest form. Boudoir Shoots are usually in lingerie and posed by the photographer.

Why Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir shoots are different to other forms of photography because you are allowing yourself to be vulnerable not only with us but with yourself. It may seem like a challenging thing to do at first, but the shift in perspective and confidence that comes from being able to do this is un-paralleled. Boudoir photography also allows you to view your body in a different way. 

Are Boudoir photos worth it?

Whether you are someone who is looking to mark a point in their life or found yourself lacking in confidence, boudoir photos are designed to make you feel powerful, stunning and proud of who you are. They bring out a side of you that you don't normally get to see and are evidence that you should be confident in who you are!

Are Boudoir Photos a good gift?

Boudoir images make a unique gift for your partner,  whether it's for a wedding, birthday or anniversary. Stunning images that they can keep forever - and feeling great about yourself as a bonus. We also offer couples boudoir photography which can be a gift experience. 

Your Shoot

What to wear for boudoir photography?

We suggest that you bring at least three underwear sets for your boudoir photoshoot, they should fit well and be something that you feel comfortable in. If you are doing  cosplay photography or a pro shoot, we will discuss what to bring before the day. Heels are great if you have them, perfect for giving everything a lift! We would love you to bring at least one prop that represents you or your partner. This can be anything from a tie to a motorbike!

Will I get my hair and makeup done?

Absolutely! If it fits in to your gender expression. Whether you want full glamour or just a touch of concealer for your boudoir photo shoot, our hair and makeup artist is experienced in all hair types, ages and skin tones. We are happy to take your ideas and there are options for cosplay, feminising, and super creative looks too.

Will the images be retouched?

Our retouching wiz can edit your images to whatever level you desire. We prefer to keep the retouching to a minimum because we want to celebrate you as you, but this is your shoot! Let us know if there is anything that you specifically want removing e.g. acne, cellulite, stretch marks. 

What about copyright?

You will have full rights to the images that you invest in. We would love to be able to share a few with our future clients so that they can feel confident in what we do. However, the power is in your hands! There is no pressure from us and your images are kept in a secure way.

How much are boudoir photo's?

Prices vary depending on number of images and how you would like to display them. You can visit our product guide to see an overview of what we offer and a full product guide is given to you on the day of the shoot. 

How long is my shoot?

Your boudoir photography experience can vary depending on the style that you chose, the level of hair and makeup required and the number of outfits you bring. We ask you to allow four hours to ensure that there is no rushing!

I dont look like a model, can i have a boudoir shoot?

We believe that boudoir is for every body, be that male, female, non-binary, petite, plus size, able bodied, disabled and everything in between. There is no particular look or shape that is required by us, we want to show you off in all your unique glory. 

I can't make my date, can i reschedule?

Of course! We understand that things come up and it is sometimes unavoidable. You can reschedule your shoot once prior to the day of the shoot free of charge. Shoots rescheduled more than once or on the day of your shoot will require you to put down a second deposit. 



Getting to us

We are located in 
Studio 29, A4 Studios, 

30 Grosvenor Road,

WA14 1LD

When you arrive enter to reception who will direct you or contact us on 0161 531 4212

Access: We have options for those with accessibility issues. Let us know before your shoot and see what we can do to accomodate

Opening hours




Thursday- 11am-7pm

Friday- 11am-7pm

Weekend- 12pm-8pm

Arriving by Car:

Enter Empowered Boudoir Photography into google maps, when arriving at the studio there is free private parking at the end of the building for visitors to the studio

Arriving by Tram: 

We are a six minute walk from the nearest tram stop, which is Navigation Road. From the tram walk south,  onto Navigation Road. Walk 100ft down and then turn left on to Grosvenor Road. You should come to a large white building that is A4 studios and AIR Gallery. 

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